Stilt Walking Act
Agent no. 16
It looks like this non-verbal character came riding straight out of the silent movies.
Agent No. 16 moves on his retro kick scooter equipped with bells and whistles.
When Agent No. 16 tries to maintain order, he does so in a very playful way and sometimes with a touch of romance.
He is looking for young rascals and tries to get them off the streets, which can lead to very hilarious situations.
'Agent no. 16' is a funny act where clowning and circus techniques are intertwined.
  • Coupure 41, 8000 Brugge
  • +32 (0)496 20 03 67
  • Sven's van complies with the EURO 6 emission norm, and can therefore enter all cities in Europe with a low emission zone (LEZ).