Stilt Walking Act
Marcel Cyclette
Marcel Cyclette on Youtube
Where clowning, juggling and interaction with the public are the most important ingredients.
"Marcel Cyclette" charms on its jazzy bike hybrid full of gadgets and joli bibelots. With galantery he seduces female beauty, the power revves up, the turbo ignites…
From his graceful pipe fire flares, lighting up the heart and the environment. Marcel cyclette surprises and entices, warms and finally wins a smile on your face.

'Marcel Cyclette' s also available as a unique fire act. Extremely suited for evenings!
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'Marcel Cyclette' is a walking act suitable for street theater festivals, fairs, conventions and other large events.
  • Coupure 41, 8000 Brugge
  • +32 (0)496 20 03 67
  • Sven's van complies with the EURO 6 emission norm, and can therefore enter all cities in Europe with a low emission zone (LEZ).